Network Engineering

In addition to cabling, we design and install wired and wireless network systems. When GLOBAL SCOPE assumes the responsibility of your network infrastructure, our project managers schedule, budget, test, coordinate, and document the entire job. We work closely with the different construction trades to make sure schedules are coordinated for an on time, on budget delivery. The ability to run all of your cabling requirements through one firm saves time and lowers the total cost of the project.

We provide all of our clients with a complete set of documentation and test results of the system. The drawings accurately communicate the scope of work while in progress. Once the job is complete, they become a set of as-builts allowing for easy maintenance, troubleshooting and expansion plans.

Once a job is complete, our support services can handle cabling moves, additions, and changes. Our engineers are available to troubleshoot, provide parts, and develop contingency plans.


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