Local Area Networking (LAN)

Network installations, ranging from the simplest one joining only a couple of computers together to the more sophisticated networks like those in use on industrial scale, are always a delicate factor to tackle seriously as it deserves, cause this process will play a big part in your network’s communication efficiency result at the end.

Here one can find a quality network installation service with years of experience and proficiency in the trade to back you up all the way. GLOBAL SCOPE offered under the network installation sector include but are not limited to :
» Site Survey – Requirements Analysis.
» Structuring and Laying Down of any wiring / cabling involved.
» Procurement (where requested) of Computer Systems and Workstations.
» Procurement (where requested) of appropriate Server System/s.
» Procurement (where requested) and setup of relevant Software.
» Internet connection and sharing configuration.
» File and Data sharing rights allocation and setup.
» Any Hardware and Accessories’ installation and sharing setup.
» And we can also procure, on request, any hardware concerned.

As you can see we offer a complete network installation solution service that will definitely deliver the service you are looking for and further more, we promise to exceed any clients’ expectations with our performance. Contact us today and see for yourself what difference our service can bring to your home or office, we promise that your time to contact us will be well rewarded.

GLOBAL SCOPE network installations will guarantee the most efficient service out of your hardware without indulging you into unnecessary expenses, meaning more time and money saving for you. Don’t hesitate to call or mail GLOBAL SCOPE and benefit from our great services, wherever you are, whatever you want to connect to, GLOBAL SCOPE will always have the perfect solution for you.

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