Backlog Conversion Services

GST is highly experienced in the area of providing document scanning, indexing and conversion services for backlog (past) documents.
The company has a separate division (comprising specialist scanning and indexing manpower resources and supervisors) focussing on this part of the business.

GST has carried out turnkey backlog conversion of paper documents at many of our customer sites. Depending upon the customer’s requirements, GST provides full hardware (scanners, stations, software) and manpower resources required to execute the backlog.

The Customer will normally provide GS-IT with a workspace for our resources and links to its document management storage system where the documents can be committed after they are scanned, indexed and quality checked.
Although GST specializes in FileNet ECM solution, we are capable of converting backlog documents for entry into any other Document or Content Management system as per the Customer’s choice.
Backlog conversion is not an easy task and it involves careful planning (of document type, document class, document properties, index fields etc.).
Before we can begin to define the details of the individual steps in the backlog conversion process, we need to obtain a variety of basic information, such as a) volumes of paper to be converted, b) paper sizes, c) percentage of pages double sided, d) condition of paper, e) time to complete the project, f) indexing requirements, etc.

Document preparation (cleaning up, destapling, taking out of files, photocopying if necessary, reducing in size, separating in batches etc.) is another specialized task before actual scanning and indexing work can begin. GST’s backlog conversion resources are specifically trained to handle such work.

Outsourcing Unit

Taking the strain

Let us take the strain so that you can do what you do best.

Competition can make business an ongoing battle. We all share some common challenges, many of them about finding the resources we need.

Striking a balance is important. You need to stay focused on what you do as a business and how you can do it better. You certainly don’t need distractions. That’s why effective outsourcing can make all the difference to your business; it leaves you free to do the important stuff.

A few simple questions can help decide whether you need external support:

– Are you getting good IT services that help you to run your business?
– Does your IT Setup deliver what you expected for the business platform?
– Do you have access to proactive and expert advice?
– Can your team grow your business unaided?
– Do you use the best technology for your needs?

**GLOBAL SCOPE Outsourcing can help you answer ‘yes’ to all of the above. We’re a leading provider of IT outsourcing businesses throughout Qatar. We offer a unique combination of locally delivered services backed up by national expertise – that means you can count on flexible, tailored solutions that meet your very specific requirements.

With you at every stage

The champion you need.

Outsourcing isn’t an overhead – it’s an opportunity. GLOBAL SCOPE Outsourcing can champion your business, delivering key benefits and helping you to drive your business forward through:

> More efficient processes.
> Timely information.
> The chance to focus on something more important.
> An ability to scale your business.
> Reduced costs.
> Greater control over performance.

 **Let us help you review honestly and objectively if outsourcing is for you – the exercise on its own can reveal gaps that need to be plugged and systems you need to acquire. You don’t have to suffer late E-mails, poor business information or lost files and data. Greater stability and scalability, lower headcount and broader expertise can all be yours in a short timescale.

System Integration Unit Services

GLOBAL SCOPE Turnkey Solution Company, and has pioneered the concept of services in the I.T Industry,

GLOBAL SCOPE offering one of the most focused range of services

– Complete IT Outsourcing Services,
– Full suite of Maintenance and Support services
– Comprehensive Infrastructure Commissioning & Management Services.

In addition, GLOBAL SCOPE provides a full range of hardware architecture solutions (active/passive components) for any systems or network requirements ranging between workstations/edge switches and LE servers/Backbone switches.

By providing our customers with extended manufacture warranty, GLOBAL SCOPE commits to perform professional on-site support for the whole extended warranty period.

With operations out of more than 4 manned locations across Qatar and with the combined strength of skilled employees, GLOBAL SCOPE a leading provider of comprehensive end-to-end enterprise solutions, specializing in IT infrastructure, architecture, applications, consulting, outsourcing and support services.

Our skilled employees and engineers had completed their BE / B.Tech in the following branches:

·         Electrical & Electronics Engineering.
·         Electronics & Communication Engineering.
·         Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering.
·         Computer Engineering.
·         Information technology.

Beside the academic Degrees GLOBAL SCOPE IT Staff holds 3rd parties IT Certificates in different fields:

·         Engineers Hold Microsoft Certified System Engineers Certificate (MCSE) in S&M
·         Engineers Hold Kerio Routing and Security Engineers Certificate, Kerio Professional.
·         Engineers Hold Cisco Certified Network Associate Certificate (CCNA).
·         Engineer Hold Cisco Certified Network Professional Certificate (CCNP) Switching Routing.

GLOBAL SCOPE System Integration Unit Services:

We will conduct a thorough and systematic analysis of your needs and determine the feasibility of all viable alternative and emerging technology options in order to save you time and money, and to ultimately prepare you to increase your productivity.
Our highly skilled team of systems engineers consulted on dozens of projects over the past couple of years in the education and commercial markets. Pearson Assessments utilizes formal, rigorous, software development methodologies to ensure any customization is of the highest quality and that it works, the first time.

–  GLOBAL SCOPE uses standard-based components that provide a great deal of interoperability among all IT systems, making IT more flexible and significantly simplifies integration.
–  Our consultants can identify opportunities to put your organization on a path toward better alignment with your enterprise strategy and critical business processes

Technical Support Services

GST is committed to providing all its customers technical support services to enable them to use our software solutions to their maximum advantage. GST’s strong technical support team comprises experienced and professional system engineers, analysts and developers, who are trained, certified, and always up-to-date with the latest versions of the software and hardware products that we are supporting at our customer sites.

Our support services are provided to our customers both during the post implementation warranty period and after the warranty period as per the terms of our Service level agreements and maintenance contracts with our customers.

GST Software support services include trouble shooting and fixes of all reported problems, telephone and on-site assistance, delivery and installation of new versions of software, documentation and media, as well as training on new features and new releases of software.

GST engineers will service all hardware supplied by GST to customers (e.g. Scanners, jukeboxes) and maintain them in good working order. All defective hardware will be replaced by temporary units so as to give users maximum uptime. GST keeps adequate stock of spare parts and spare units in its inventory. GST operates a Service desk, which serves as a single point of contact for all our customers. GST deploys skilled and trained telephone operators who serve as the first line of support and who will respond to customers’ calls and initiate support processes.

All problems not resolved by the Help Desk operators are assigned to qualified and experienced GST engineers who provide second line support, according to the type of problem. All calls are tracked on GST ‘s CA Unicentre Service Desk software until they are resolved to the satisfaction of the user. GST keeps close track of Helpdesk performance through a series of statistical reports that identify number of calls, average and maximum response time, resolution time, down time, waiting times etc. A continuous improvement process will be followed to enhance the overall performance and the productivity of the services, and to ensure that we adhere to the terms of our service level agreement with our customers.

GST’s support working hours are in line with customer’s requirements. We offer support during customer’s working hours and offer stand-bye and on-call support beyond official working hours. 24X7 support is also provided to customers when required by the terms of our maintenance contracts.

In the absence of a maintenance contract, GST also provides technical support to customers on a per-call basis, as needed.

Helping you get in great shape

Your reason to outsource!

Deciding what to outsource needn’t be difficult.
It’s true that your business has unique requirements because no two businesses are the same. That’s why we offer comprehensive advice and support in establishing the best way forward.
Above all, a move to outsourcing should be based on what’s actually happening in your organization.
Perhaps you’re trying to grow and need better information – tighter management. Perhaps you can’t depend on your current IT setup, or your backers are pressing you for more that your current IT system can deliver.
It could just be that you don’t believe you’re getting real value from your IT team.

Other triggers for you might include the need to:
* Improve your IT platform for your business advice on a regular basis.
* Avoid IT mistakes and their Configuration/Installation repair fees.
* Establish regular Key Performance Indicators.
* Cope with ‘transition’ points where a full time resource can’t yet be justified.
* Get in shape to cruise with confident of solid IT platform that support your business.

–      Keep your headcount to a minimum.

**Talk to us about where you are now and we’ll help you decide where you should go next.

Project Implementation Services

GST has a commitment to make all its customer sites production successes.


This commitment begins at the highest level of GST Organization and filters right down to the lowest level within the team.

Every effort is made within all ranks of the company to ensure the successful implementation of all our projects at customer sites within the planned timeframe and within the estimated costs.

Every project at GST customer site is organized into a number of discrete work phases and our consultants break up each of these phases into Statements of Work that accurately identify the work effort, assumptions, and deliverables associated with a given phase of a project.
Our project implementation service engagement is divided into five phases: a) Mobilization, b) Business Analysis, c) Planning (Design), d) Building (Development and testing), e) Knowledge transfer (Training), f) Deployment (Change over) and g) Operation (Live production).

Our project engagement opportunity begins with an analysis of customer expectations and ends with an operational system and application environment.
GST has implemented a Program Management Office, which has a pool of qualified and skilled resources who are selectively deployed on individual projects after careful planning and analysis of the scope of work, deliverables, WBS, OBS (Project team structure) and Responsibility/Accountability matrix requirements of the project.

An GST project manager, assigned to the project, follows a standard Project Management methodology to track the progress of the project using Project management tools and software.

GST Project manager works in close liaison with the customer throughout the life of the project until its successful implementation and hand-over.

GST Project Management methodology complies with best practices and industry standards in implementing and managing complex projects, and is characterized by a practical goal-oriented approach. The methodology incorporates best business practices in the industry and consists of a set of standards including risk management, change management and configuration management procedures that cover every aspect of a project’s life cycle, from initial planning to implementation and operation.

In each phase of the project we work closely with our customers to ensure all deliverables are completed in time and all barriers and bottlenecks are identified and removed well in time. In addition, Quality Assurance is applied at all stages of the Project cycle to ensure that all our work is up to design specifications and consistent with customer expectations and the documented scope of work.

Repairing & Maintenance

GLOBAL SCOPE have very provisionally skilled team in it’s IT Department. Most of them are certified in CCNA, CCNP, MSCP.

Cases, main boards, video and audio cards together with many other components including network accessories fall under our computer hardware section. Meaning; GLOBAL SCOPE procure, maintain, service, repair upgrade, deliver, install and configure any type or brand of computer hardware one might need.

GLOBAL SCOPE provides flexible and comprehensive support solutions for its commercial clients whether large or small. Home offices, independent businesses, professional organizations, remote users and satellite locations require individualized solutions to meet their unique requirements.

We help our clients determine the computer support and service plan that satisfies their business needs today and anticipates tomorrow’s challenges. we have built up a proficient team, experienced and certified, ready to serve you in the best way ever.

GLOBAL SCOPE is devoted to customer satisfaction. According to your needs we can set up Monthly, Semi-annual and Annual contracts to meet your delicate requirements.

Also GST can provide the following services:
» Repair Laptops and Desktops computers
» Repair Printer, Scanners
» Repair LCD, CRT and Monitors.
» Data recovery.

Data Care & Recovery

Data recovery is the process of extracting data from damaged, failed, corrupted or inaccessible secondary storage media.

Have you lost important data because of a hard drive failure or outage? If so, GLOBAL SCOPE can definitely help. Having performed thousands of successful hard drive recoveries, our experienced staff of technicians is ready to handle even the most difficult data loss situations.

GLOBAL SCOPE have DataCare Experts in its team and provides a wide range of Data Caring Services, such as :

» Data Back-up Service
» Date Caring Service
» Data Recovery Service

Data Back-up Service
GST providing Contract base Data Back-up Service. Which make your data safer from any incidental System Crash.

Date Caring Service
GST can design a Rating Backup Drive in your local Server to prevent data loss during Server Crash.

Data Recovery
GST Data Caring Unit provide you with a professional, cost effective and prompt data recovery service from crashed hard disks and other computer based media. We perform data recovery from